40th Birthday Easy To Swallow

By scot in Lounge on Friday, October 9th, 2009

My wife's friend, Kim, has to be the culprit.

My wife's friend, Kim, has to be the culprit.

Today is my 40th birthday. As every year, I don’t feel older and I am not pysched out by the big 4-0. It is just another birthday, it just so happens this one is divisible by 10. I guess we like to celebrate round numbers; why not celebrate prime number birthdays? Next year would be a huge celebration: 41! 🙂

The day began with my wife letting me know that our house was “messed” with last night. roshe run suede femmes I don’t know if she was in on it but, I believe, a friend of hers made a 40 out of beer bottles and cans on the walkway. I appreciate the effort but she knows better than to soil the cement around my house with Old Style, Coors Light, and Miller Genuine Draft 64. At least I have beer for the relatives tomorrow at my daughter’s birthday celebration. 😀

Just as I am writing this, I noticed a man walking around the yard. I go to the front door and see a lawn care truck in the street. My wife greats me with a happy birthday, nice: I don’t have to go out in the crappy weather to mow the lawn. How about that and all before 9:30am.

Now I just sit, wait, and hope the beer my cousin said should be here today from California will rear it’s beautiful head sometime today. Enjoy!

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