New Beer From a Traveling Neighbor

By scot in Lounge on Monday, July 20th, 2009

My neighbor from across the way recently traveled through Pennsylvania and New Jersey for a family wedding. Of course I had to impose and give them a list of potential beers from breweries that I can’t get in the Chicagoland area. The list was brief but I was trying for some beers that were from little breweries.

Weyerbacher Brewery Company - Quad

Weyerbacher Brewery Company - Quad

After my neighbor, Miles, arrived home I eagerly awaited the ring of the doorbell that signaled the arrival of the liquid goodness he was able to score on the trip. He brought me over a six pack with Magic Hat Circus Boy (can get in the area, here is the beer review), Weyerbacher QUAD, and Michigan Brewing Celis Grand Cru (one Big Sky Summer Honey was thrown in since there were only five beers). air jordan 14 Not what I expected but I am gracious nonetheless that he took time out his family vacation to try and get me some beer. Thank you Miles.

Every story has a funny side though. This one has is tragic. As Miles was packing up the vehicle for the return trip, pushed some extra belongings from the inside of the vehicle towards the back, and, of course, pushed all the beer onto the ground. Yikes!

Now it becomes easy to see why he only came back with five beers and three of those had scratches on them from where they had bounced on the asphalt. I guess I was lucky to even get those five 🙂

What have I learned from the second friend/neighbor that has traveled looking for beer: I need to give them specific instructions if they can’t find what I am interested in, don’t bother. Enjoy!

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