Tasted: For the Little Woman

By scot in Home Brewing on Friday, April 14th, 2017

Home brewed For the Little Woman enjoyed on the patio.

Tasting day for For the Little Woman. Home brewed almost two months ago, this beer is ready for an official write-up.

Each time I taste a home brew it gives me a chance to reminisce about the process of the brew day, handling, and packaging. For the Little Woman comes across as a easy home brew all the way around:

  • The brew day was rather simple as there was a smallish grain bill and minimal hop additions. There were no special steps. All-in-all nothing to worry about.
  • Handling of the beer was simple as well. Chill, add yeast, temperature control, and let he yeast feast. No extra additions of any kind.
  • Bottling was straight forward as also. No hop trub to cloud the beer or back up bottling gear. Just add to a sanitized bucket on top of the priming sugar liquid.

After I put my brain through the paces, I turn to the cost of brewing this beer to purchasing a similar craft beer. In this case, since it is inspired by Spotted Cow, it is an easy comparison. Spotted Cos is ~$9.00 a six pack, $36.00 a case, which amounts to $72.00+ for the amount of beer I brewed for this batch at retail cost. This beer cost me just under $20 in material cost to brew. Yes, my time is worth money, but it is a hobby. Therefore, if this thing tastes good, it is always the easier winner.

Let’s get started before I rant some more…

Look:Light gold, leaning towards straw. Hazy. Minimal white foam that is quick to leave doubt it ever existed. No lacing as expected from the initaial foam.

Aroma: Straight corn sweetness. Brings back distant memories of creamed corn that was highlighted the dinner table so often as a child. Light grains.

Taste: Follows the nose. Predominately corn sweetness. No sign of hops.

Body: Light body. Light/Medium carbonation. Surprisingly dry. Crisp.

Overall: A nice, light beer. Simple, one noted. Easy to drink. Somewhat lager like. See why so many people find this a cross over beer.

This beer did remind me of Spotted Cow but is definitely not a clone. Very similar with the inspiration coming through. I think there is a need for a few (3 – 5) IBUs to be added for more balance in the finish. Enjoy!

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