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By scot in Beer Recipes, Home Brewing on Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Equinox, Eureka and Vic Secret used in MaMoo.

MaMoo, an American India Pale Ale, pulls inspiration from my mother. My mom has always been a heavy set person. She likes to eat. I have inherited that trait. Since my mom was the only female in the family, she took the brunt of our chiding (there was enough for everyone). We had many nicknames for each other throughout the years. Of course nicknames should typically be based on the person that is receiving the nickname. Due to my mom’s size and shape, the nicknames typically could have been deemed as condescending. But Moo Cow eventually progressed into MaMoo. It rolls of the tongue better.

Some may possibly find it unbelievable that we called my mom, MaMoo, but you had to understand my family and that nicknames were always a part of my youth. I don’t find it condescending. I see it more as a indirect way of saying “I love you.”

My mom was the backbone of the family. She was a throw back mom. She did all the laundry, made dinner, cleaned house, made lunches to bring to school, cleaned up after the dog, gardened and more, all while working full time. She was selfless, always looking out for everyone else, making sure they were happy.

As I have become a parent, I really appreciate the sacrifices she has made. Even more I appreciate the time she likes spending with my kids, playing board games The kids really look forward to visiting with granny to play.

She is one in a million. They don’t make them like my mom anymore. I am thankful that my mom was always there to lend advice (even though I didn’t feel that way at the time). Enjoy!

Recipe for For the MaMoo

General Information:
Brew Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017
Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: S-05, not hydrated
Yeast Starter: none
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.50
Original Gravity: 1.056
Finishing Gravity: 1.008
IBU: 30.0
Color: 5.5 SRM
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70%
Alcohol by Volume: 6.30%
Primary Fermentation: 10 days @68*F

Grain Bill:
10.00 pounds Maris Otter
1.50 pounds Oats
0.50 pounds Caramalt

Saccharification @150.3*F

Hop Bill:
2.00 ounces 2015 Equinox @5 minutes
1.00 ounces 2015 Eureka @5 minutes
4.00 ounces 2015 Vic Secret @whirlpool for 25 minutes
4.00 ounces 2015 Vic Secret @4 day dry hop

1.0 tsp Irish Moss @15 minutes
1.0 tsp Yeast Nutrient @15 minutes
3.0 quarts of rice hulls
~4.5 gallons of reverse osmosis water used


  • 2017-03-12 (morning): @62.4*F, slow fermentation, placed on heat blanket set at 68.0*F.
  • 2017-03-12 (evening): @90.3*F, fantastic fermentation. Thermometer fell off. Removed from heat.
  • 2017-03-13: @66.1*F, hard fermentation.
  • 2017-03-15: Added dry hops.
  • 2017-03-18: Bottled with 3.5 ounces of priming sugar and 2.0 cups of water. 26, 22 ounce bottles. Bottle crown label: Ma.
  • 2017-04-25: Tasted

Useless Fact: 8 billion chickens are consumed in the U.S. each year.

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