Vacuum Food Sealer

By scot in Home Brewing on Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Time to save the hops!

Time to save the hops!

I chronicled my discovering in which I determined I was oxygenating my hops over the past few years, ruining some glorious leaf and pellet hops. Since then, I have been talking to my friends to determine how they keep their hops from going bad. Vacuum food sealer came out many times in those conversations.

Obviously I needed a vacuum sealer and those “special” bags. Friends offered up their advice, pointing to 6″ by 10″ bags. They may easily be cut in half, storing an ounce or more of hops in each half. This means that a full pound of hops is able to fit into eight bags, allow for nine pounds of hops per box of bags. Not bad for $16.

Using the machine is much easier than I thought, especially when used with the appropriate bags, mentioned above. I plan on getting a bunch of use out of this item over my home brewing career. Enjoy!

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