Freezer for Temperature Control

By scot in Home Brewing on Saturday, August 17th, 2013

For a couple of years now I have been throwing around the mental note of needing a freezer to allow me to control the low end of fermentation control. At the moment I have a heat pad (for growing plants) that I can control from 68*F and up. Therefore I don’t have the ability to push a temperature down and hold it below 68. The basement is in the low 60s, most of the year, but I have a hard time hitting sub 70*F with an immersion chiller using water from the hose.

This is where a freezer could be a huge help. On brew day, I could push the temperature of the wort to the low 60s quite quickly with the freezer prior to pitching yeast. Once down to temperature, I can use a controller to keep the temperature within a range (based on my early readings +/-3 degrees while keeping the compressor in good shape.

I began my search after reading a post on The post mentioned that one of the big box stores had 5.5 cubic foot freezer on sale for $160 including free shipping. The sale was over but my quest had only began. After checking out a few more brick and mortar store websites, I decided to see if craigslist had any cheaper options.

Bingo! A 8.8 cubic foot freezer listed at $115 in a nearby town. A phone call later, I found out I was the only one inquiring as the price had been dropped three times. Motivated sellers are easy dealers. Three years old, only a few minor issues and in running shape. I had my freezer.

Next, I have to tell my wife about a temperature controller and run the electrical to the opposite side of the basement. The electrical is easy, I have all the stuff I need (except time). Depending on if I build my own, I need to get $50 – $90 for the controller. Let the begging begin. Enjoy!

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