Dry Hop: Mango Saison

By scot in Home Brewing on Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Mango Saison is progressing. I racked it on the mangos in late October. I have tasted it a couple times along the way but nothing fantastic has greated my taste buds or ofactory. As I put more thougt into it, I came to the realization that although I really like to eat mangos, they are very subtle. Time to move this beer forward.

Dry hop!

Mouteka. From the way I get it, Mouteka should lend a lemon, lime, and, potentially, tropical fruits. Exactly what I wanted from the real manogs.

The other thing I noticed with this taste: Wyeast 3711 doesn’t have the same peppery character of WLP566. It might be too early (but past experience doesn’t lead me to believe this) but the Brett character is extrodianarily subdued.

Bottling will be this coming weekend. Hopefully there is enough character there to appreciate. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: Because of the rotation of the earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.

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