Next Three Home Brews

home brewing

In order to keep up with my 2012 New Years Resolutions I have to keep on home brewing as I have to brew at least once every three weeks. I have two brews already under my belt so I am slightly ahead of the forecast but I am sure something unexpected will come up to slow me down, especially over the summer months; better ahead than behind.

I have my next three home brews laid out. This weekend will be a Belgian Pale Ale, the following weekend will be the same Belgian Pale Ale but 100% fermented on Brettanomyces, and finally a Saison.

In term of the second round of the Belgian pale, I plan on using Brettanomyces bruxellensis and I might, and stress might, also include some Brettanomyces claussenii. This mainly depends on the amount of time I have to make the starter. I have been talking to Michael Tonsmeire about my options, since he knows a ton about wild yeast and bacteria and, the best part, he is very giving of his time. If I want to use the claussenii strain, it is only available from White Labs year round but there cell count is much less than Wyeast for Brettanomyces cause me to have to make a double starter rather than a single. He also mentioned that a starter of Brett needs a week, obviously a double starter would need two weeks and I am just over a week out, so the bruxellensis seems to be the strain I will use.

No matter what yeast or yeasts I use, I am sure that all the beers will turn out. I have to just nail down the recipe I want to use for the Saison. Enjoy!

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