2012 American Craft Beer Resolutions

By scot in Beer, Home Brewing, Lounge on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

I can’t believe that 2011 is already gone. So many broken resolutions but at least I kept the most important one: 365 American Craft Beers in 365 Days. This endeavor was probably the highlight of my year, especially since I made it.

What did I lose out on? The biggest is my waist line. Bigger than ever and growing. I wanted to lose weight or at least maintain but that eroded rather quickly. I have remade that my number one 2012 goal. I would like to drop 10 pounds the first quarter of the year; trying to make my goal feasible and reasonable. I think if I break the weight loss into smaller segments, smaller goals I will find a way to achieve and thrive. I will not give up my American craft beer but I will cut back on food intake and junk food intake while trying to up the number of salads. I will keep sweets in but not on a daily basis but, hopefully, a weekly basis and under control in portion size. I am too embarrassed to list my weight but I will try to update on the weight loss/gain periodically.

Now onto the good stuff: American craft beer resolutions. I don’t have many and none are complicated.

  • Home brew more. I really enjoy home brewing. I brewed last Monday and Friday. I am ready to brew again, I just need more carboys. The goal here is to get really good with a core group of beers that I can serve all the time. If I was younger and had money, I would probably pursue this as a career path.
  • Visit at least five breweries I haven’t been to. This past year I sort of slacked. If it wasn’t for the summer trip, I don’t think I would have hit any up.
  • Limit my American craft beer budget. American craft beer is getting more and more expensive, especially as the hipsters try to get in, trying to turn a buck. Home brewing will see a bigger piece of my budget so something has to give. This is the obvious choice.

My last resolution: spend more quality time with the family. I hope everyone has a prosperous and healthy 2012. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: North Texas State University gives a degree in “dance-band arts”.


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