Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery HUSH! (365 Day 360)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer, Beer on Sunday, November 27th, 2011

rock bottom restaurant and brewery

It isn’t a full blown Thanksgiving weekend with some type of shopping mixed in. How does the wife get me out of the house? Tell me that the Lego store has a sale and she has a coupon on top of it. Damn skippy. We were off for the mall and my wife had a few stops in store for me that I wasn’t even contemplating. The old bait and switch. Why am I so simple?

Now the good part: the wife knows that I am like a little kid in the sense that if she wants me to go shopping to places I would rather never be seen, she needs to reward me for being good. 😉 A simple sentence like, “I have a coupon for Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery“, puts me on my best behavior.

Rock Bottom isn’t the best place but they brew their own beer and, on some occasions, they will have a bourbon aged beer on tap. I prefer their one off American craft beers as they let the ability of the brewer shine. I had a glass of HUSH! with lunch. An American Imperial Stout, HUSH! delivered heaping helpings of roasted malt. More carbonation than I like in an imperial there was plenty of mouth feel to go around. I would say the beer was average overall. I would have it again. Enjoy!

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