Sweetwater Brewing Company 420 Extra Pale Ale (365 Day 190)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer, Beer on Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale

A really hot day deserves an American craft beer that can quench a thirst while not being filling and easily calling one back for more. 420 Extra Pale Ale by Sweetwater Brewing Company seemed to have been a perfect choice up front. An American pale ale seems to be the perfect fit for the evening which is the category that 420 Extra Pale Ale fit into.

The beer was definitely light in the mouth but a bright splash of carbonation livens it up a bit and gets the body to that point. A very sweet beer in the nose and mouth which does drop the overall drinkability down. Floral hops balances, even providing some bitterness in the finish but not enough to fight back the caramel malt. I would have it again but doubt that is sessionable. Enjoy!

Aroma: 9, Taste: 7, Look: 9, Drinkability: 7, Overall: 7.8

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