Finch’s Beer Company Cut Throat Pale Ale (365 Day 165)

Finch's Beer Company

Rich worked on getting us invitations to a party at Finch’s Beer Company on their opening night in which 100 people were extended the welcome mat. The festivities were from 7:00pm until 10:00pm. The brewery was open to those who were on the guest list. Rich and I were appreciative.

We arrived a bit past 7:00pm as the car ride in had bad weather slowing down traffic. Once there, we had to show that we were on the guest list by giving our names and move on immediately. There were three stations set up with six ounce pours of either of their two current beers: Golden Wing, a blonde ale, and Cut Throat, an American pale ale. There was also an area to get finger foods that were catered: good stuff. The brewery itself was open to all to rummage around, take pictures, and take in the vibe.

I have to say that both are quality offerings. Cut Throat really caught my taste buds though. I was driving so, I kept the six ounce beers down, but did have a couple of the Cut Throat. The aroma was quite hoppy while the taste was only mildly bitter. Definitely an easy drinking pale ale that will do wonders to your thirst as the hot, humid month approach.

I am glad that another brewery has officially opened its doors here in Chicago, too big of city for how little the market was a few years ago. Enjoy!

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