Tröegs DreamWeaver Wheat Ale (365 Day 36)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer on Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Tröegs Brewing Company DreamWeaver Wheat Ale

You ever have that sneak suspicion that an American craft beer you have in the cellar isn’t going to really please you? Maybe it is a beer you received in a trade. Maybe it was a beer you picked up as a single, so you thought: what the hell. Maybe someone brought it over when you hosted a party. Etc. No matter, we all have those beers, the nemesis of our beer collections and hobbies. What to do, what to do?

DreamWeaver Wheat Ale by Tröegs Brewing Company is exactly that beer for me. It has been in the fridge for quite some time, each time looking me in the eye and begging to be next for a review. Each time I passed.

What made me take it out last night? I came home late from playing hoops, wanted something light, and, possibly, something that I might drain pour. Yeah, sick.

Pleasantly surprised by the pour, aroma, and taste, I easily finished the entire beer, giving a solid review. More body than most wheat beers with notes of wheat, sweet, fruits, and spice hops all contributing to a crisp and refreshing drink. I say this with this beer have sitting in the cellar for some six months or more. How good might it be fresh? Enjoy!

Aroma: 9, Taste: 8, Look: 8, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 8.6

Useless Fact: Multiply 37,037 by any single number (1-9), then multiply that number by 3. Every digit in the answer will be the same as that first single number.

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