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Tröegs Brewing Company Java Head Stout (365 Day 189)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Tröegs Java Head Stout

It has been a long time since I have had Java Head Stout by Tröegs Brewing Company. This bottle just so happened to be a year old or so I don’t think the beer was at its peak. It definitely is not a beer to cellar in hind site.

Even with the age the Java Head had some minor coffee notes that really showed up late in the finish, leaving that dry, bitter coffee flavor on the palate. I will continue to seek this beer out but I will not cellar it again. Enjoy!

Aroma: 7, Taste: 7, Look: 7, Drinkability: 7, Overall: 7.0

Useless Fact: Many Gothic churches of the Middle Ages were built in the following way: a quarry site was established, often as much as 50 miles from the place where the church was to be erected. When the rocks were mined, volunteers from all over the countryside would form a living chain from the quarry to the building site. The rocks would then be passed from hand to hand all the way to the construction grounds.

Tröegs Brewing Company Scratch Beer 27 (365 Day 122)

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Tröegs Scratch Beer 27

The end of the week. Baseball has started and the Chicago Cubs had their first game, of course a loss to the mighty team of Pirates. That aside I am excited about the baseball season starting, getting under way, and giving me a game everyday to be angry about.

Scratch Beer #27 (2010) by Tröegs Brewing Company is obviuosly part of Tröegs Scratch Beer Series. These are small batches of test beers that allows them to refine their techniques and use non-traditional techniques. This is the exact reason why American craft beer is so awesome and definitely artistic.

Scratch Beer #27 is a Milk Stout that is listed on their site as a chocolate stout. I pulled this out of the cellar and decided that I needed it a touch cooler for my tastes, so I threw it in the freezer. I was thirsty and didn’t want to wait.

You guessed it: I got side tracked with something that I can’t even remember that caused me to get the beer out of the freezer slightly before it froze. This killed the over all experience of the beer this time around. Luckily I had the beer in the past, allowing me to at least imagine the goodness within the confines of the bottle. Too bad it was just a small batch, but that also means more new small batches are on the way. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8, Taste: 8, Look: 9, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 8.5

Useless Fact: Toronto was the first city in the world with a computerized traffic signal system.

Tröegs Brewing Company Nugget Nectar (365 Day 121)

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Tröegs Nugget Nectar

American craft beer is good on any evening but Thursday night “work on the site night” seems to bring out the best in my taste buds. They are rearing to go all day and look forward to the liquid goodness that will pour over them that evening. No, I don’t ever drink to get inebriated. I appreciate having beers with friends, sharing four or five beers, while only having maybe about 14 ounces of beer to myself over the course of a couple to several hours. The entire process for me is completely and utterly about the beer. Nothing else.

Each Thursday figuring out the best beer of the evening seems unfair to some of the other beers we share as, usually, there are multiple quality beers but picking the best chides the others.

Picking Nugget Nectar by Tröegs Brewing Company was the winner. This is only my second go around with this beer and Rich was kind enough to share with the group.

Nugget Nectar is the east coasts answer to or at least comes out shortly after Hopslam. In spite of the aroma, which is huge on the hops, this beer is considered an American amber ale. This beer is in the team photo for the best amber ale I have had and it is in general just a great beer. Enjoy!

Aroma: 9, Taste: 8, Look: 9, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 8.8

Useless Fact: Strawberries have more vitamin C in them than oranges.

Tröegs Brewing Company Mad Elf Ale (365 Day 106)

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Tröegs Made Elf Ale

It is so easy to get lost in the day. It is St. Patrick’s day, so green beer will be the norm and the NCAA basketball tournament starts in earnest with first “real” games. I will be anticipating the end of work all day, so that I can make it home to watch some of the best sports action of the year. St. Patrick’s day really does almost nothing for me: I have never really gotten into the festivities of the day.

The beer I chose last night was from one of the last holidays: Christmas. Mad Elf Ale by Trêegs Brewing Company is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale which normally means lots of alcohol from a combination of malt and sugar.

Mad Elf Ale lives up to that synopsis but it also has a twist: cherries. According to Tr&#234egs’ website, it is aged with both sweet and sour cherries while some honey is added. Although I appreciate the attempt to make this beer something festive and the fact that they didn’t use any crazy spices, the cherries just don’t do it for me.

After having about half the beer, I went outside and shot hoops with my oldest daughter. I don’t know if that took me out of the mood but the beer really seemed to get cloying at that point. It just sat in my mouth and didn’t quench the thirst the “rough” game of basketball can bring upon you when beating up on a nine year old. 😉 Enjoy!

Aroma: 7, Taste: 7, Look: 7, Drinkability: 7, Overall: 7.0

Useless Fact: The YKK on the zipper of your Levis stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, the world’s largest zipper manufacturer.

Tröegs DreamWeaver Wheat Ale (365 Day 36)

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Tröegs Brewing Company DreamWeaver Wheat Ale

You ever have that sneak suspicion that an American craft beer you have in the cellar isn’t going to really please you? Maybe it is a beer you received in a trade. Maybe it was a beer you picked up as a single, so you thought: what the hell. Maybe someone brought it over when you hosted a party. Etc. No matter, we all have those beers, the nemesis of our beer collections and hobbies. What to do, what to do?

DreamWeaver Wheat Ale by Tröegs Brewing Company is exactly that beer for me. It has been in the fridge for quite some time, each time looking me in the eye and begging to be next for a review. Each time I passed.

What made me take it out last night? I came home late from playing hoops, wanted something light, and, possibly, something that I might drain pour. Yeah, sick.

Pleasantly surprised by the pour, aroma, and taste, I easily finished the entire beer, giving a solid review. More body than most wheat beers with notes of wheat, sweet, fruits, and spice hops all contributing to a crisp and refreshing drink. I say this with this beer have sitting in the cellar for some six months or more. How good might it be fresh? Enjoy!

Aroma: 9, Taste: 8, Look: 8, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 8.6

Useless Fact: Multiply 37,037 by any single number (1-9), then multiply that number by 3. Every digit in the answer will be the same as that first single number.

Beer From Travelers

Monday, October 12th, 2009

In the past few days I have have been fortunate enough to receive two big grouping of beer: one from cousin, Russ, in California and from a co-worker, Jay, who took a trip out to the Baltimore, Maryland area.

I received beer from Russ on Friday (my birthday) and he sent me a huge haul totalling 13 beers:

  • Mortality Stout by Reaper Ale
  • Deathly Pale Ale by Reaper Ale
  • Sleighor Double Pale Ale by Reaper Ale
  • Anvil by AleSmith
  • Grand Cru by AleSmith
  • Decadence by AleSmith
  • Wee Heavy by AleSmith
  • Vertical Epic by Stone
  • Sea Monster Stout by Ballast Point
  • Calico Amber Ale by Ballast Point
  • Red Tide Amber Ale by Hollywood Beach
  • Damnation by Russian River
  • DBA by Firestone

All of these beers I have never had, so 13 bombers of fun await.

Jay brought me back seven bombers from Maryland that I gave to him off of a huge list of potential beers that I can’t get in Illinois:

  • Rastafa Rye Ale by Blue Point
  • Java Head by Tröegs
  • The Mad Elf Ale by Tröegs
  • Heavy Seas – The Great Pumpkin by Clipper City
  • Heavy Seas – Prosit! by Clipper City
  • Heavy Seas – the Big DIPA by Clipper City
  • Insanity by Weyerbacher

I can’t complain about 20 bombers over a weekend. Now I have to find time to drink them. Yeah, like that will be a problem. Enjoy!

First Beer In Five Days

Friday, September 25th, 2009

By the title you can tell that I have been slacking on my beer enjoyment this week. To be honest after attending the Great Lakes Brew Fest up in Racine, WI this past Saturday, I really didn’t feel like throwing any back on Sunday or Monday. I guess old age is forcing my recovery times through the roof.

What about Tuesday or Wednesday? Wednesday I can vouch for easily: that is basketball night and I don’t get home until 9:00pm or so. Why not a beer afterwards? I need water and/or gatorade to rehydrate. Besides I get up around 5:30am to do some yoga. Yes, yoga. Never done until recently but I have knee and ankle problems that seem to completely disappear when I do yoga. I don’t even remember Tuesday, so I could I have drank anything. Tuesday I will just chalk up to a lost day.

Thursday had a hunters target on it for a few beverages. Anticipation started sometime on Wednesday (when I woke up) for work to end on Thursday and head home for some good American craft beer. air jordan 11 I had the following liquid goodness:

Three outstanding beers. I think I had all three down the hatch within 60 minutes. I couldn’t wait for the next one. Were the beers that good? Had it been that long since a beer touched my lips? Was it a combination? I think, possibly, it was a combination of both. No matter, I will try again tonight and see if I can have as pleasant an experience as last night. Enjoy!