Reviewed: Bell’s Sparkling Ale

By scot in Beer on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

It is beginning to seem that my M.O. is to not be able to have some American craft beer on a regular basis. I have been finding the time, just not drinking anything new as I like to have the appropriate atmosphere for reviewing. So the actual craft beer levels are maintained, just not the new craft beer levels. 🙂

I bought Sparkling Ale, by Bell’s, was purchased about four months ago while visiting family in Michigan. I actually hadn’t heard much about this offering from Bell’s, so I was a little hesitant to purchase. One bottle it was.

How bad was my lack of knowledge? I didn’t even know it was a Tripel until I inspected the bottle and research the beer on Bell’s’ site.

A vigorous pour brought upon a clean, golden liquid that had a half glass hat of pure white foam. Retention was about average with some minimal lacing throughout. Not a bad looker. The aroma and taste are quite closely connected. Fruits, both light and dark, with banana being the strongest, came through with some spice: clove and pepper. The alcohol, although high, wasn’t in the picture, making this big beer tastier and easier to drink than expected.

Now I am kicking my lack of knowledge in the ass as I definitely could imbibe in a few more of these delicious brews. Enjoy!

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