Last Home Brew Beer Bottled

By scot in Home Brewing on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

It has been a roller coaster of home brewing for me over the past three months or so. It finally came to a head yesterday with the bottling of my last five gallon batch of beer: a wheat beer.

The arduous brewing journey began with the brewing of a robust porter that was followed by bi-weekly brewing: Russian imperial stout, ipa, wheat beer with orange and coriander, and finally just plain wheat beer.

I did take a gallon of the robust porter and put it on oak and bourbon and one other gallon on vanilla. The RIS, I took one gallon on oak and bourbon. The robust porter turned out middle of the road, while the vanilla wasn’t even apparent, and the oak/bourbon one could have had either a little more of each and/or more ageing. I haven’t tasted the RIS as I am still letting it age.

The IPA turned out fairly well, while the first batch of wheat beer is ready and is probably my favorite beer to date that I have brewed. I only have the newest round of wheat beer to bottle condition after yesterday and then the fruits of my labor will completely ready to go.

I don’t mind waiting for the beer but sometimes it does seem to take a while. 🙂 I probably won’t brew much during the summer as there are so many other things that perk my interest. Enjoy!


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