Home Brew Day #9: Grass Cutter (Batch 3)

By scot in Home Brewing on Monday, May 3rd, 2010

It seems like I have been racking up the frequent flier miles when it comes to home brewing lately. Asking me if I mind is like asking an alcoholic if he needs another drink. Home brewing is quite addicting and I am in deep. I am already contriving my plan to get the wife to allow me to upgrade to all grain. She likes that I will save over $20/batch but not the initial expenditure to get up and running with all grain. Did you hear birthday gift! 🙂

This brew day seemed to go extremely well and was quiet: no wife and kids. There didn’t seem to be any hiccups on the process, hit my gravity, and the beer was fermenting away this morning with a nice krausen. The batch of this I brewed two weeks ago had coriander and orange peel, I will be bottling that in two weeks with this batch to follow two weeks after that. So I will have 10 gallons of this beer ready and prepared for the ravenous neighbors.

After cleaning up the brew day mess, it was time for yard work before continuing with the bottling of a Double Bogey Russian Imperial Stout that I had brewed a good two months ago. My wife helped with the racking of the beer to bottling bucket and one gallon into a one gallon carboy so it can sit on oak bourbon chips for a week before it will be bottled. The kids helped with the caps. I stole a small sip out of the bottle of bottling bucket: it was blessed with a great coffee flavor and some bitterness while there was some heat from the alcohol.

Unbelievably, a hectic day in which I took no photos: I guess I will only have my memories and some tasty brew in a about a month. Enjoy!

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