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By scot in Beer, Lounge on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

telepath beer

As I sit here at work staring out the window, from the fifth floor, at the liquor store across the street, I can’t help but wonder what has changed from last week through this week. Although it is probably nothing, my mind races around and around the beer glass lip speedway trying to telepathically get inside of that store and force beers onto the shelves.

It is almost like Christmas Eve when I would go to bed as a child, making up these delusions of grandeur on what would and could be under the tree the next morning when I awoke prematurely on Christmas Day. free run 3.0 v2 femmes Although most of those dreams would never come true, I was never disappointed.

The thoughts that always make me come full circle: why isn’t there a liquor store that has all of the American craft beer that I could ever hope for? Why doesn’t this store know exactly what I want on that day and the shelves are lined with that beer?

Only if life was that simple with an answer of: there would be nothing to pursue, no fun to the chase that gives each and everyone one of else that sense of accomplishment and rush of adrenaline when we find that rarity, that oddity, that one was searching for. Enjoy!

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