Two Great American Craft Beers Reviewed

By scot in Beer on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

metropolitan brewing dynamo copper lager

Two great American craft beers in one night, when you only have two, is not a bad score card. Since two is my limit, I never know what to really expect or if I will get two studs or duds. Last night was a home run as I enjoyed Dynamo Copper Lager (Vienna Lager) by Metropolitan Brewing and Milk Stout (Milk Stout) by Lake Louie Brewing.

Dynamo was far exceeded my expectations. air jordan 11 femmes No, they weren’t that low. I just am not a huge light lager guy in the middle of winter. Dynamo has changed my thought process more. I share with my wife and she ordered me to pick her up a six pack today. Good woman! Fruity, honey, and spicy hops are all playing second fiddle to the malt backbone. Here’s where it excels: none of these flavors or aromas ever trump the other. They play well together and bring together a symphony for the senses. My next stop is to take a short trip to Metro and try them all on tap. 9/10

Milk Stout had my curiosity last night as I edge towards cracking my newest batch of homebrew: chocolate milk stout. I know I like Lake Louie beers and I figured this would be a good way to test if my beer could measure up. Uh, oh. I didn’t expect this beer to hit a game winning home run. There is a slight creaminess from the milk on this dark brown and lusciously foamed beer. The sweetness comes out a tad more than the creaminess from the lactate while the roasted flavors and aromas are perfectly placed to bigger than the milk, but not overpowering. A balance in favor the roast but delicate enough to let the milk have its day in the sun too. 9/10

Strangely enough after thinking a bit about these two beers, I realized how different they were but how well they complimented each other. Enjoy!

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