Black Magic IPA Betwitching

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Monday, December 14th, 2009

flossmoor station restaurant & brewing black magic ipa

Yesterday, while watching football, I decided it was time to taste and review Black Magic IPA by Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewing, their latest release in their IPA series. This is only my second beer in the series but I was hooked after the first I had, Celebration IPA, and plan on continuing with the run as long as they keep brewing them. roshe run hyp qs Also, I have special interest in this beer as Rich and I had the chance to taste this on our brewery hop to Flossmoor while it was still in the fermentor.

The bomber form of the beer has black metalic wax encasing the cap while giving eager tasters the ability to distinguish it from their other IPA releases. The beer poured black and clear with a huge brown, frothy foam. The nice blend of citrus and floral hops filled my nostrils over and over as I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying the fresh scents of spring that is still far off in Chicagoland. The taste is a contrast as the roasted malt comes to the forefront in the taste while the hops still continue to come through. A slight creaminess on this interesting and refreshing beer.

As Flossmoor continues to pump out the IPAs I will be in line for my bottle. I just hope the better ones they maybe bring back on a seasonal rotation. So they would have their one-timers and then a rotational of their best of one-timers. Just a thought. Enjoy!

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