Two Beer Dudes Next Brewery Hops (Update)

By scot in Brewery Hops on Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Hard to believe how quickly things can change. The brewery hop and brewery reviews that I had planned out are not going to work out. Blucreek Breweing and Furthermore Brewery both brew there beer offsite.

I had a chance to speak to one of the owners of Furthermore, Aaron, and he was very enthusiastic about what he does. He drives some 2.5 hours to go brew the beer himself, rather than letting the remote brewery brew his recipe for him. I look forward to getting up to the Madison, WI area to pick up some of their beer to give it a try.

Another brewery that I wanted to visit, Lake Louie Brewery, air jordan 7 is only doing tours once a month on Saturdays and will not be doing any in July. Not all is lost as I might still be able to sneak a peek when I up that way.

So a change of plans is brewing. I think the tour will take a right out of Madison instead of the left that was originally planned and head back towards Milwaukee and some of the breweries in the area. More updates coming for the brewery hop. Enjoy!

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