Design/Layout Discussion Results

By scot in Site Updates on Sunday, July 12th, 2009

The design/layout meeting turned into a really good few hours of laying out in cement the content of some of the most important pages on the site: home, reviews, user profile, etc.

After some deep dish peperoni pizza (two slices) it was time to get busy, so of course we each grabbed a beer and the question and answer session began. Chris did a great job of probing for the information that he needed and I tried to show him all the non-designed pages I had coded but still needed that front-end touch.

I am hopeful and wishful that we will have a mockup within 10 days so that I can start making the site come to life and look a little more inviting.

Rich did stop by around 9:00pm, after his sons baseball game. We talked about the direction of the design decisions I had made and had a quick few beers to help keep our thoughts and minds clear.

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