WordPress Install

By scot in Site Updates on Monday, July 6th, 2009

Downloaded, installed, and configured wordpress to get it up and running on the site.  I have had a lot of thoughts in the last month or so working on the site and drinking beer that I wanted to share.  Hard to share those ideas when all I can do is rate beers! 🙂  Twitter only gives you 140 characters and twitting is Rich’s niche.  Besides, how would I know what to drink if it wasn’t for his daily twits.

I will continue to work on wordpress as we hammer out the site design.  As for now, beer with us on the generic design as a designer friend is coming over for beer, pizza, and design talk this Friday.  Hopefully something will start to take place shortly thereafter.  We should be releasing “parts” of the site as they are finished.  Lots of work lies ahead still for the October release.

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