Brewed: Autumn Sun Amber Ale

By scot in Beer Recipes, Home Brewing on Monday, May 6th, 2013

Autumn Sun Amber Ale

This is the second go around for Autumn Sun Amber Ale. I brewed 18 months ago, as an autumn amber, to highlight the harvest of the hops. I don’t have online notes of that original brew day but I did have Autumn Sun as part of 365 Days of American Craft Beer.

Since I don’t remember much of that first go around, outside of the notes mentioned above, I decided to the leave the recipe in tact.

I have always thought that the American amber ale style is a vast array of beers. Almost a dumping ground of American ales that don’t fit. I was looking for some toast, dark fruits, and heap of hops. The malt profile should bring out the first two qualities. The hops, which included dry hopping, should bring out a good northwest aroma and flavor. I wanted ample body and enough sweetness to hold up to the high mash temperature along with the ample hopping schedule.

I am looking forward to this batch, taking more detailed notes of the tasting experience. Enjoy!

General Information:
Brew Date: Monday, May 06, 2013
Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: S05
Yeast Starter: none
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.50
Original Gravity: 1.058
IBU: 70.2
Color: 17.4 SRM
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Brewhouse Efficiency: 68%
Alcohol by Volume: 6.3%
Primary Fermentation: 21 days @68*F, 7 days dry hop @68*F

Grain Bill:
8.75# 2-Row
1.00# Crystal 40L
1.00# Munich
0.50# Crystal 120L
0.50# Victory
0.19# Chocolate

60 minute batch sparge

Hop Bill:
0.75 ounces Warrior (14.60%) @60 minutes
0.50 ounces Galena (13.20%) @60 minutes
1.00 ounces Chinook (11.40%) @10 minutes
1.00 ounces Cascade (7.50%) @1 minute

1.00 ounces Chinook (11.40%) 7 day dry hop
2.00 ounces Cascade (7.50%) 7 day dry hop

1.0 tsp Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
1.0 tsp Yeast Nutrient @ 15 minutes

Useless Fact: Each year in America there are about 300,000 deaths that can be attributed to obesity.

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