Midnight Sun Brewing Company Panty Peeler (365 Day 356)

midnight sun brewing company panty peeler

Midnight Sun Panty Peeler

Panty Peeler. Can I say that in the work place? Unfortunately there isn’t much you can say in the work place that will you get in you trouble. I am sure that “panty” by itself is bad enough but adding peeler to form the combo “panty peeler”, just makes it a bit worse. Good thing this isn’t the work place but a place to chat about American craft beer.

Midnight Sun Brewing Company brews up Panty Peeler which is a Belgian Tripel. Phenols, fruity, yeast, and caramel all top the list of characteristics of this beer. There is a nice balance but a bit of sweet finish that isn’t well balanced. The high alcohol is well hidden.

My second beer from Midnight Sun and I have been satisfied by both. Time to dig another out of the cellar. Enjoy!+

Aroma: 9 (25%), Taste: 7 (25%), Look: 9 (15%), Drinkability: 8 (35%), Overall: 8.2

Useless Fact: The average person’s hand flexes its finger joints 25 million times during a lifetime.

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