Home Brew Honey Pot Pale Ale (365 Day 311)

Home brewing is probably my favorite past times and I have decided to dedicate the next three beers, including number 311, to my home brews.

Honey Pot Pale is an five gallon all-grain that uses three pounds of honey. Since honey is 100% fermentable, honey aroma and flavor will not be in the beer. Honey dries out the beer, so the finish will be similar. I used a bit of honey malt that is kilned in such a manor that allows the malt to lend a flavor and aroma of honey.

Honey Pot is an easy drinking beer that uses enough hops for balance without leaving bitterness. Balanced and made specifically to be a cross over beer for my wife and friends. A good lawn mower beer.

I have aspirations to do a version that pushes the envelope on the hop profile a bit. I like my hops. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, wrote most of his famous book while in jail. He was imprisoned for twelve years for preaching without a license.

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