Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk (365 Day 253)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer, Beer on Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Keegan Mother's Milk

After four straight days of American craft beer brewed up by Three Floyds Brewing Company I figure it was time to change it. Of course those beers were all gratifying, it was time for a new direction: trying out some old 12 ounce beers from the cellar.

First up: Mother’s Milk by Keegan Ales. Mother’s Milk is a Milk Stout which is clearly identifiable once you pour the beer. The aroma shows a sweet side along with roast and chocolate. Although on the light side (aroma), the sweetness almost lends a creamy sense to the aroma. The taste is pretty similar but a bit stronger. Roast, sweet, chocolate, and creaminess all play to together nicely to form a very drinkable, not heavy drinking stout.

Subtle complexities to “smaller” stouts agree with me for some reason. A great stout for the summer months. Enjoy!

Aroma: 7 (25%), Taste: 9 (25%), Look: 9 (15%), Drinkability: 9 (35%), Overall: 8.5

Useless Fact: An orange tree may bear oranges for more than 100 years. The famous “Constable Tree,” an orange tree brought to France in 1421, lived and bore fruit for 473 years.

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