RJ Rockers Bell Ringer (365 Day 41)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

RJ Rockers Bell Ringer

Bell Ringer by RJ Rockers was an easy choice for me today. I had Bald Eagle Brown Ale yesterday as my introduction to RJ Rockers, it was decent, so why not go for second and final RJ Rockers brew?

A strong ale, Bell Ringer is an American craft beer right up my alley: big, bold, and perfect for Chicagoland’s crappy winters.

I eagerly open the bottle, poured, and watched the glass fill with burn orange liquid goodness with a nice cap of tan foam (nice head helps to make a beer – I will let you take that one where you want 🙂 ). So far, so good. The aroma is a bit of the let down only because it is light, there just isn’t enough for this big beer. Light aroma also turns me off because I know the taste is partly do to the aromas the nose picks up as your gulp in your beverage.

The taste was pretty solid but a bit on the sweet side. I would guess this could use a bit of collaring as the 8.5% ABV did come across as boozy at times. There is enough hop and hop resin to add enough bitterness for balance. An average offering, but that will definitely warm the innards. Enjoy!

Aroma: 7, Taste: 8, Look: 9, Drinkability: 6, Overall: 7.2

Useless Fact: Wayne’s World was filmed in two weeks.

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