Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout (365 Day 25)

By scot in 365 Days of American Craft Beer on Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout by Goose Island was the American craft beer of the day.

Just a quick story about Christmas Day: my Mom and Dad gave me a wrapped box that looked familiar but I didn’t want to even begin to believe what it might be. Eventually it was my turn to open and decided that this present was my number one target. What was it: unbelievably my Mom put out the coin to pick me up a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Rare Stout. Yes, I said Rare. My wife and I will be partaking come New Years Eve.

Now back to Coffee. This is my third time having this beer and I must say that the coffee is beginning to fall out. It still has plenty of coffee on top of the normal Bourbon County Brand Stout. This is definitely better than the “normal” version as the coffee adds a unique level of complexity and hides the bourbon alcohol forwardness of the original.

It is a shame the coffee is falling out but hopefully they will decided to make this an annual offering so that I can partake each season. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10, Taste: 9, Look: 10, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 9.4

Useless Fact: At -40 degrees Centigrade/Fahrenheit, a person loses about 14.4 calories per hour by breathing.

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