Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer

By scot in Lounge on Friday, November 5th, 2010

The Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer is tomorrow, Saturday, November 06 and I will be there, for the first time, to soak up some of the rarities that will be on tap. Does it get much better than a festival in which all the American craft beer has to be aged on wood or in a barrel? I think not.

The list of breweries is quite impressive. Most of them have published a list of what they are bringing or Rich has contacted them to find out. In either case, some of the beers tomorrow will be one-timers and sound flat out delicious.

Instead of listing all the breweries here, just head on over to the Illinois craft beer site. They have them all linked to the original sites. I am looking forward to some Hi-Fi Rye Bourbon Barrel Aged from Flossmoor. That is my number one priority.

I will write something up Sunday detailing the day. It should be outstanding. Enjoy!

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