Brau Brother Ring Neck Braun Ale Reviewed

By scot in Beer on Friday, October 8th, 2010

Thursday evening is usually the time each week that the Two Beer Dudes sit down for a few American craft beer reviews and discuss the website, beer news, and any other happenings within the American craft beer segment. Rich found his way to Detroit on business, so I was flying solo.

So I decided on Ring Neck Braun Ale, by Brau Brother Brewing Company out of Lucan Minnesota. The beer poured a solid three inches of tan foam, that had good retention leaving no lacing behind. The taste and aroma followed each other closely: malt/grain that produced a big nuttiness to the beer. Quite interesting. A bit of chocolate did come through in the taste to separate it from the nose. The body and drinkability were both good too.

All-in-all, for my first Brau Brother beer, I would have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the other three or four flavors I have in the beer cellar. I will be heading to Minnesota for Darkness Days and will have some Brau Brothers on the radar. Enjoy!

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