Brau Brother Ring Neck Braun Ale Reviewed

Thursday evening is usually the time each week that the Two Beer Dudes sit down for a few American craft beer reviews and discuss the website, beer news, and any other happenings within the American craft beer segment. Rich found his way to Detroit on business, so I was flying solo.

So I decided on Ring Neck Braun Ale, by Brau Brother Brewing Company out of Lucan Minnesota. The beer poured a solid three inches of tan foam, that had good retention leaving no lacing behind. The taste and aroma followed each other closely: malt/grain that produced a big nuttiness to the beer. Quite interesting. A bit of chocolate did come through in the taste to separate it from the nose. The body and drinkability were both good too.

All-in-all, for my first Brau Brother beer, I would have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the other three or four flavors I have in the beer cellar. I will be heading to Minnesota for Darkness Days and will have some Brau Brothers on the radar. Enjoy!

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