Beer Review: Belfast Bay Lobster Ale

By scot in Beer on Monday, August 23rd, 2010

So I am back on the horse and reviewing American craft beer. Being back in the saddle again feels so damn good. Of course I am talking about tasting and reviewing beers while being sick last week.

Yesterday I decided on by Belfast Bay Brewing Company. You can read the review so I am only going to touch upon the thing that stuck out most to me: sweetness. This beer is made to session but has one flaw that comes out in the aroma and taste that just makes it cloying. Malt is used with reckless abandon and doesn’t have any hop profile to balance the caramel malt. There is a toasted malt presence but not enough to cut through an almost honey like syrup sweetness to the beer.

All this said, it isn’t a horrible beer, just one that didn’t agree with me and one that I wouldn’t probably pick up again. Enjoy!

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