21st Amendment Brew Free Or Die IPA

By scot in Beer on Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Just yesterday I mentioned how I had been out of sorts and not had a chance to review an American craft beer in a week. That all changed today. I feel good, I had some time, and the rest of the family was out. Perfect timing to partake.

I have a group of beers that need to get rolling as they are hoppy and been in the cellar for about a month. I hate old IPAs and the like. I haven’t had a 21st Amendment beer before, so I figured a can of Brew Free Or Die IPA was a good choice for the evening. After all, I wanted something in hops in it and I figured it should have plenty coming from the west coast.

Out came the pour which looked about normal for an IPA: good foam, retention, and lacing. But that was probably the best part of the beer for me. It was really sweet with malt and honey throughout: aroma, taste, and mouth. Cloying is a single word that I could best describe the beer. The hop profile isn’t what I expected for a west coast ipa as it was a little subdued. Still it was good for the beer and made for a pleasant profile.

I have the 21st Amendment Watermelon beer. I have heard good things. That might be up for tomorrow. Enjoy!

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