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21st Amendment Brewery Brew Free Or Die IPA (365 Day 111)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

21st Amendment Brew Free Or Die IPA

Usually every night after work, I am thinking about the tasty American craft beer I will knock down. Last night I had arrangements to go for a sleep study. Yep, the wife has been asking me to go get tested for a long time, more because she is worried about me than anything else. At least that’s what I am led to believe. 😉

I only had about 40 minutes to get myself ready and my belongings together for an evening at the lovely sleep hotel. I had to find a solid brew in a short time and get out the door. I figured something light, easy drinking, and hopefully refreshing would be a perfect sample.

Brew Free Or Die IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery quickly caught my eye and became suspect number 111.

Brew Free is an American IPA that is supposed to have a nice hop aroma and flavor that in neither of the cans I have had the chance of having seemed to be missing. In spite of this, I would still like to get a chance at a fresh can as I believe this beer would be well above average tasted and appreciated in that form. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8, Taste: 7, Look: 9, Drinkability: 7, Overall: 7.6

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21st Amendment Brew Free Or Die IPA

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Just yesterday I mentioned how I had been out of sorts and not had a chance to review an American craft beer in a week. That all changed today. I feel good, I had some time, and the rest of the family was out. Perfect timing to partake.

I have a group of beers that need to get rolling as they are hoppy and been in the cellar for about a month. I hate old IPAs and the like. I haven’t had a 21st Amendment beer before, so I figured a can of Brew Free Or Die IPA was a good choice for the evening. After all, I wanted something in hops in it and I figured it should have plenty coming from the west coast.

Out came the pour which looked about normal for an IPA: good foam, retention, and lacing. But that was probably the best part of the beer for me. It was really sweet with malt and honey throughout: aroma, taste, and mouth. Cloying is a single word that I could best describe the beer. The hop profile isn’t what I expected for a west coast ipa as it was a little subdued. Still it was good for the beer and made for a pleasant profile.

I have the 21st Amendment Watermelon beer. I have heard good things. That might be up for tomorrow. Enjoy!