Matacabras by Dave’s BrewFarm

By scot in Beer on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

On my recent visit to Minneapolis I stopped off at a beer store to pick up some beers. The store had been recommended via an online forum. The staff was helpful and one of the many beers they pointed out was Matacabras by Dave’s BrewFarm.

The store sold all their beer in singles, if you so desired, and that’s what I picked up of this beer: one. I figured it might be alright, at best, afterall I had never heard of the upstart brewery from Wilson, Wisconsin. I figured if the beer wasn’t all that tasty I was only out $1.99.

I put the beer in my fridge the other day, really just for the fact that I wanted to get rid of beers that I thought wouldn’t satisfy. Last night after staring into the abyss of my open fridge, out came Matacabras. To be honest I didn’t even remember the style (Belgian Strong Dark Ale). I poured it, immediately my nose picked up apple and light banana on top of a bed of spice: corriander and cinnamon. Of course some sweetness. Mentally I said to myself this is some type of Belgian Ale.

Surprise. I wasn’t expecting that. Next I tasted and, again, was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, ease of drink, and how well the alcohol was hidding in an 8% ABV beer.

I would have this over and over again and wish I would have picked up more than one. Enjoy!

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