Reviewed: Yards India Pale Ale

By scot in Beer on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Finally! Back on the saddle of American craft beer reviewing last night. Not a huge night of beer analysis but enough to wet the appetite for the next few days and into the weekend. I ended up having to IPAs: one American and one English.

The American IPA, Hopmouth by Arcadia Brewing Company, seemed to be more English than American. Not a bad beer, just that the aroma had a bit of buttery aroma to it. As we all know aromas sneak in while tasting so it followed mildly into the taste. There was also a bit of lingering bitterness that seamed a little amped up at times. 7 Aroma, 7 Taste, 8 Look, 7 Drinkability – 7.2/10

The nightcap of the evening was Yards India Pale Ale by Yards Brewing Company, an English IPA. I have to admit that I drank this one second assuming that it would be the lesser of the two beers. I was wrong! A nice fruity, juicy, tropical fruit like aroma that carries into the taste. The sweet, juiciness is balanced by a slightly bitter finish that dries. 9 Aroma, 8 Taste, 8 Look, 8 Drinkability – 8.3/10

Yards IPA definitely stole the show but both are worth a try. Enjoy!

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