Founders KBS Reviewed

By scot in Beer on Thursday, March 18th, 2010

After 20 phone calls to some local and some not so local beer stores, I got my hands on Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) from Founders. As with some short run, highly touted beers I didn’t know what to expect as I have had a few that just weren’t up to my levels of expectations.

The guy at the beer store I purchased it from said that this beer, this year, was heavenly. That is a tough comparison, especially since he has never been there. Oh well, it is easy to assume it was damn tasty.

After Rich and I spoke on the phone ten times or so trying to Three Floyds Dark Lord Days golden tickets, we decided that we should get together to have a fresh version of KBS. Good call.

KBS poured with a nice thick, brown foam over the top of the opaque and midnight black liquid. Retention was average at best with some disheveled lacing throughout. The aroma is your first indication that the beer is complex and possibly worthy of the high accolades that it has received. Coffee, chocolate (bitter), vanilla, oak, alcohol, and more are all there for the nose to fancy. Seven or more wafts wasn’t enough as I inhaled until the last drop. The taste was just as fantastic. Similar to the nose with a nice bourbon heat on the way down, while being so well balanced. A nice creamy and viscous mouth that made a big appearance while the carbonation is on the slight side. The complexities of the beers can easily keep the senses amused. 10/10

I plan on sharing a few of these with friend while putting one or two aside to taste and compare as the beer ages. Enjoy!

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