Bavarian Lodge and Surly: Great Combo

By scot in Beer, Lounge on Thursday, November 12th, 2009

If the fast food joints could have a vast offer of beer like The Bavarian Lodge and quality like Surly Brewing I would probably be there everyday for a combo platter.

the bavarian lodge sign

But as it is, nike cortez I can’t think of a better place to enjoy American craft beer than The Bavarian Lodge. The Lodge has everything a true American craft beer lover could ever imagine: great selection, great German food, and a great ambiance to enjoy. This place should be visited by anyone who is in the area or passing through. It is awesome.

Enough patting them on the back, now the beers. The Lodge was tapping a keg Surly Darkness at 6pm. I heard horror stories that they ran out last year and the earliest I would be arriving was 6:20pm or so after work.

Luck was on my side as I had no problem getting two glasses of Darkness, one for Rich and I. It is such a great beer but whey can’t bars learn to serve this stuff at the right temperature. They are doing these craft beers and injustice. Anywho, we quickly enjoyed and had one more beer before calling it a short night (I am under the weather). 10/10

My second beer was Wet another beer from Surly, this one an American IPA. Again, another outstanding beer from Surly. The hop blend makes for a great beer, something they seem to be pros at. 9/10

Even though the taste buds weren’t working that great last night, I had them kick into high gear for a short time. I am sure they weren’t disappointed with the two offerings that I would highly recommend to anyone. Enjoy!

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