Bourbon County Brand Stout 2023 Release

By scot in Beer on Friday, November 24th, 2023

The Goose Island Beer Company annual release of Bourbon County Brand Stout is upon us. This American craft beer was supposedly the first bourbon barrel aged beer ever released. It can always be counted on to be released on black Friday morning.

Bourbon County Brand Stout is the most robust, full-mouth, bourbon forward beer that I have ever had. I look forward to this each year and, as I already mentioned, I prefer this American craft beer fresh and bold.

This year had to be the simplest release I have participated in for a long time. I didn’t leave the house until almost 9:00 am to go on the hunt, which is a poorly used term for 2023. I was told by Rich that the local Jewel had full allotments but that you had to purchase a full allotment before you could purchase singles.

Too easy! But I prefer this to the 2-3 hours of driving and hunting. Getting to old for the chase.

The 2023 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout releases:

  • Bourbon County Brand Original Stout – we ended up with two of these since we didn’t want the Banana Fosters variant. Yes, not a full allotment but my wife is allergic to bananas. Cost: $13.99.
  • Bourbon County Brand Eagle Rare 2-Year Reserve Stout – one bottle, all I could afford. Aged for two years in Buffalo Trace’s ten-year-old Eagle Rare bourbon barrels. Cost: $38.98.
  • Bourbon County Brand Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout – one bottle, once again, all I could afford. This is the first cask finished Bourbon County Stout variant. This variant spent a year in Angel’s Envy bourbon barrels before another year in Ruby Port wine barrels. Cost: $38.98.
  • Bourbon County Brand Backyard Stout – aged in rye barrels with mulberries. Cost: $23.99.
  • Bourbon County Brand Proprietor’s Stout – made with toasted rice, raisins, cassia bark, and more natural things. Cost: $29.99.
  • Bourbon County Brand Bananas Foster Stout – not even writing this one up. Just not a fan.

For the low, low price of $170 + tax you are able to walk away with a six pack of beer. Bargains to be had!

The price of these beers is a bit over the top for me anymore (maybe another reason for the lack of desire to chase). I don’t know if these beers would have been cheaper elsewhere but if American craft beer prices continue to increase, I (and it seems many others) will turn to other beverages to quench their thirsts. More on this in my next rant. Enjoy!

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