May 2020 Craft Beer Approved Labels

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Illinois Craft Beer Approved Labels Overview

There are so many great things going on in the American Craft Beer industry. I am always looking at ways that allow me to get the word out. Stumbling on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) site was a process of stumbling around due to an idea that came from looking elsewhere (see the Why American Craft Beer Label? section).

The American Craft Beer labels are a cool segment of the industry. After all, they are the visual portion of the fruits of a breweries labor prior to seeing the beer. Flashy labels, in a very crowded craft beer section of the beer store, can mean the difference between sitting on shelf and being purchased. Especially when most people are visual.

Now that I have a process in place to quickly get the monthly approved Illinois Craft Beer labels, I will be back filling to the beginning of 2020. If time permits, I may begin to list other states as well.

The goal is to have a list of Illinois craft beer approved labels early the month after they are approved. June should be out soon.

Why American Craft Beer Labels?

I am late to the game, but I just started playing around with the Untappd app on my phone. They have a ton of nice features (no I am not sponsored by them). In looking at some of the features, I noticed that the pictures for their beers are the labels, not actual photos. The pictures of the establishments (they call them breweries/venues) are typically the logos for the establishment.

On top of that, they use the same size for all logos: beers, breweries, and venues. This makes display on the web or the application damn easy. Very smart!

Thinking on my toes, I determined there had to be a way that they get all those labels. I had to search, that’s when I happened upon the TTB site.

May 2020 Illinois Craft Beer Approved Labels

Below are the May 2020 Illinois craft beer approved labels. Some statistics to start:

  • There were a total of 64 approved labels for Illinois Craft Beer in May.
  • 46 of those labels are below as the others were considered to be keg labels, making them somewhat boring, and, as a craft beer enthusiasts, I don’t think we see many kegs.
  • 23 breweries submitted labels with Black Lung Brewing Company, Byers Brewing Company, and Hop Butcher to the World combining for 16 label approvals between them.

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