Summer Beer Daze

By scot in Lounge on Monday, June 14th, 2010

My blogging has really taken a hit in the last month. The weather is much nicer so the outdoor chores have begun as well as the desire to just be outside. Being shut-in for three to four months a year, at least, makes one long for the fresh air of the outdoors. Don’t worry my beer tasting and reviewing have both been top notch. 😉

So what’s next? I plan on taking a trip, with the family, out to the St. Louis area. As usual the family trip will include some beer stops. From what I can see it seems like there is a good 10 or so breweries and brew pubs in St. Louis with a nice supply of beer stores. How many stops we make might well be another story, but I am sure the wife will be up for several. 🙂

Unfortunately that is about the only beer plans in the works for the foreseeable future. Unexpected car repairs and the dying of the dishwasher are squandering the other plans we had. Enjoy!


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