By scot in Home Brewing on Monday, January 11th, 2010

I will further update on my home brewing experience from this past Saturday after I figure out what is going on with the fermentation as it doesn’t seem like it ever got started. I think I may have a bad yeast packet.

There are obviously many reasons why this could be but my brew day went the same as any other and I used the same yeast I used in the past. The yeast (Nottingham) is a quick starter and finisher and a neutral yeast. The only difference was boiling the cup of water before I put the yeast in (yes, I let it cool to 90 degrees before adding the yeast) per John Palmer’s book in the yeast section on dry yeast.

Usually the yeast “bubbles” up when placed in water before pitching, this time it just sank to the bottom.

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