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By scot in Lounge on Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Rich and I had a chance to make a short trip up to southern Wisconsin while hitting up Star Liquor and Ale Asylum. Madison is a little over two hours away and makes for a nice short ride to access a ton of American craft beer from Wisconsin and have a great chat about beer with Adam at Star Liquor. He always knows the product in the store and takes time to make sure you are satisfied.

As we got closer to Madison it became very apparent that they had a ton of snow as there was still plenty of plastered snow and ice on the pavement of the capital city of Wisconsin. 19 inches to be exact. roshe run nm br The ride was also lengthened a bit by Rich missing a turn in spite of us using GPS. Once we slid into our parking spot it didn’t take us long to find ourselves inside the store making quick decisions of which beers we wanted and could afford as the wives both placed budgets on us.

With some aid from Adam on local seasonal beers and his opinions here is our take:

After leaving Star Liquor we put the skis on the vehicle and made the four mile trek over to Ale Asylum. There was a craft show going on in part of the eating area. There was an open table and the waitress quickly took our orders for a pint. We both ordered a sandwich making light lunch conversation over our beer haul from Star Liquor.

Our stay at Ale Asylum was short due to both of us having other evening engagements. Next time we will have to stay longer at the Asylum and catch a brewery tour while I will be paying Star Liquor another visit as the seasons change with more new beers coming out. Enjoy!

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