Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer

By scot in Lounge on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

It seems that every brewery is not only making their normal and seasonal beers these days, but specialty, and in some cases, limited/radical/test beers. Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI is no different then the rest when it comes to this race to create a work of malty art.

Founders always seems to have a few beers that have funny names. Not that you are laughing at the name but laughing with it. Funny in the sense that they are original (Dirty Bastard, Curmudgeon, and Backwoods Bastard to name a few) and the art work helps increase the degree of funniness.

Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer - 12% ABC and 112 IBUs

Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer - 12% ABC and 112 IBUs

Most of their specialty beers are indeed special. air jordan 3 They make them in small batches, they are usually only available for a month or so, and they are all unique. You might even say that they are radical to some degree.

Devil Dancer fits the bill based on its’ impressive numbers: 12.0% ABV and an unreal 112 IBUs. I have never had this beer but have always wanted to give it a try. I think most American craft beer drinkers have had the norm and want to take it to the next level with these specialty beers. I know the triple hops will give this one a lot of bitterness and I am curious to see how they hide the alcohol.

I was reading about this beer on Binny’s blog (a local liquor chain) and they mentioned that “this hop bomb of a brew is dry hopped for 26 straight days with a combination of 10 hop varieties.”  This beer is also a very sought after beer by hop heads.  If you plan on trying this beer, go out and try to pick it up today before you have to wait another year for a chance.

I haven’t had that many beers so far from Founders Brewing, but each one I have had has been outstanding. I look forward to giving this one a try tomorrow night, Thursday, all by itself. I want to give this one my full attention and savor. Enjoy!

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