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Updated Site Design/Layout

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Two Beer Dudes homepage.

Two Beer Dudes homepage.

Two Beer Dudes is getting closer to having a “real” site. The design is about 85% done and Chris has passed it off to me so that I can start implementing the backend code that I have written into the frontend design. It has been a battle to say the least.

I have written about 95% of the backend code for the site, it is just in search of linking and styling. I am sure there will be some new code that comes up as I start actually putting the pieces together. I organized everything mentally and I am surprised that I have this much done. The old noodle is humming along on high octane.

Not that anyone’s hopes are up but I don’t believe the site will be completely ready for an October, 2009 release. It will be close though.

In the meantime I am working on the design on the new frontpage: Enjoy!