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Short’s Brewing Company Autumn Ale (365 Day 321)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Short's Autumn Ale

Another autumn has dawned on the Midwest, bringing along with it the glutton of autumn beers. I thought it was the perfect time to try another fresh bottle of Autumn Ale by Short’s Brewing Company.

I originally had it earlier this year. Since Autumn Ale is brewed in the fall, I wondered how fresh a January bottle would be. Being that Autumn Ale is a slightly above average beer in my opinion, it wasn’t something that I was going out of my way for but a situation presented itself, so why not.

Hops are nice in the beer: floral hops dominate citrus hops. These come through in the aroma, especially early. Mid beer I couldn’t find them anywhere. Autumn Ale had transitioned to a malt forward beer: very sweet. The taste originally had the malts but those seemed to go south along with the aroma.

Another year and the same result. I feel I rated this beer fairly earlier this year. I would have it again but, as I stated, I not going to go out of my way for it. Enjoy!

Aroma: 7 (25%), Taste: 8 (25%), Look: 8 (15%), Drinkability: 7 (35%), Overall: 7.4

Useless Fact: By raising your legs slowly and laying on your back, you cannot sink into quicksand.

Short’s Brewing Autumn Ale (365 Day 51)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Short's Autumn Ale

Beer number 51 comes from Short’s Brewing Company. Autumn Ale is an ESB that is released each fall. It was about an average beer with its most redeeming quality being the taste: the hops, floral mainly, come through quite nicely but don’t overwhelm or add much bitterness, just a nice shot of balance. I would have it again but would look for something else first.

Just a thought or two on Short’s: I have now had some 18 different flavors of their beer with my opinion, mostly, always the same: average and usually interesting, but not outstanding. Novelty is the best way I can describe Short’s. Yes, they have Bellaire Brown, a year round beer that is quite outstanding, but most of their beers are one offs, that have some very unique spin on a style or, more likely, don’t adhere to any style but try to create something completely anomalous.

I am not knocking them for their inventiveness, I applaud it, but those strange flavors, mouth feels, and aromas don’t always work for me. I still try them, I still seek them out, because I want to be part of each interesting permutation. After all, American craft beer is all about the artistic and stimulating creativity that a brewer can impart in his craft. Enjoy!

Aroma: 7, Taste: 8, Look: 8, Drinkability: 7, Overall: 7.4

Useless Fact: Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.