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Great Divide Brewing Company Espresso Oak Aged Yeti (365 Day 107)

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti

Thursday night brings over friends: Rich, Chuck, and Steve (in some order), allowing us to have a few quality American craft beers. While together we usually cover just about any and all topics. The obvious is the banter about the beers we are drinking but we do share stores about the families, work, play, and, yes, even politics.

The part I like best: having an assortment of beers to choose from for my daily beer. Sometimes I have my mind made up before we start to only have it changed once we start testing and reviewing. On a night when I only have one beer, there is no going back.

Espresso Oak Aged Yeti by Great Divide Brewing Company was the night cap of our beers and, for me, the best of the four beers we tasted. Lots of coffee and chocolate, both sweet and bitter, are present in this beer. The finish has such a complimentary combination of the two that it comes off creamy and delicious. A really solid beer. Enjoy!

Aroma: 9, Taste: 10, Look: 10, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 9.4

Useless Fact: Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the first American to have plumbing installed in his house, in 1840.

Oak Aged Yeti Lead Three Reviews

Friday, April 30th, 2010

An evening of web site discussion goes so much better when it is accompanied by some good American craft beer. Last night, Rich and I had the honor of having three really good beers; not all the same style, but equally all good in their own right.

The last beer, Oak Aged Yeti by Great Divide Brewing Company, was my favorite by the slimmest of margins over Night Stalker by Goose Island Beer Co. and Racer 5 IPA by Bear Republic Brewing Co.. The Yeti was from ’08, obviously having a chance to age, while the Night Stalker is only a couple of months, at most, old, leaving it with a bit of alcohol on the taste. I am sure with some aging it will be an outstanding beer as it isn’t that far off today.

Oak Aged Yeti is a complex brew that has everything you want in a big stout and then throws in nice subtlety of vanilla, from the oak, to send the senses into a frenzy of happiness. I have a bottle of Espresso Yeti and Chocolate Yeti in the cellar, I am now looking forward to both of those more than I was before. Now the question is how long they will last.

On a completely separate note: I am one review on the site away from 400. You see how hard Rich and I work at these Thursday night web site meetings. Truth in the numbers. Enjoy!

Four Beer Reviews Lead By Black Sun

Friday, January 15th, 2010

three floyds brewing company black sun

Rich and I had our “average” Thursday night talking about the site, about the events we want to attend, where the next brewery hop(s) should be, and reviewing a few quality American craft beers. air jordan 1 femmes Last night was a good line-up of beers that was almost capped off with a Hopslam but we both decided to call it a night after four as we had to go to work in the morning.

Our night began with a beer from The Bruery: Hottenroth Berliner Wiesse. We had both heard good things and were off running waiting to taste this tart wheat beer. A pretty clean beer with lemon and wheat in the mouth and nose, some tartness but not over whelming. Drinkable but low in alcohol and think pricey at $8 for a beer that registers not much over 3% ABV. 7/10

Mortality Stout by ReaperAle Brewing Company was our second beer review. A Foreign Extra Stout, Mortality comes from a style that I don’t have much experience. That said, I found it to be more of a roasted milk stout. Not a bad, just not a beer that jumps out at me and that could be the style itself. Also, not a style/beer that I could have more than one at a time. 6/10

Three Floyds Brewing Company is creeping up on me as one in which I will seek out their beers. I know most are already to that point but I don’t like to jump on bandwagons for the sake of jumping. Black Sun is a stout with a lot of citrus and pine hops that play with the malty profile of a stout. air jordan 3 femmes Similar to Alpha Klaus. 8/10

15th Anniversary Wood Aged by Great Divide Brewing Company is an American Imperial IPA that tastes like an Strong Ale. The beer is good but as a DIPA it is really far from it: no real hop aroma, flavor, or bitterness. From that aspect disappointing. I left it for last for a reason: I really like DIPAs. Downer. 6/10

The beers as a group weren’t as sensational as some evenings but nonetheless, they were still a good group and fun was had. TNBC this coming Tuesday. Enjoy!

Wednesday American Craft Beer Day

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I know I say this almost every time about Wednesday, but checking out the new American craft beers each week at the beer store is more intoxicating than the beer itself. This week there was an outstanding amount of new American craft beer that the excitement is rightly placed.

free run 5.0 femmes I was under strict instructions from the boss (aka wife) not to purchase beer since I bought 18 bombers on Saturday through my cousin in California). I scrambled and looked in my wallet, by some act unbeknownest to me, I actually had cash.

The lineup:

A couple of the beers are being held off to the side for me by Matt, the beer buyer at the store. He is a great help each week in finding the new items, even the ones not on the shelf. 😉

Several months ago when I was on a Wednesday visit a man ask if I had any suggestions for beer and that he liked hoppy beers. Modus Hoperandi by Ska was what I pointed him to. He was actually back at the store yesterday and asked for my help in getting some beers again. I hope he will be satisfied with the selection and it sort of nice for someone to seek out my opinion on beer. Enjoy!