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Firestone Walker Brewing Company Solace (365 Day 288)

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Firestone Walker Solace

American craft beer brings ideas of big beers using quality ingredients to a lot of people. Quality ingredients are always on the docket but not all and probably most American craft beers are not are big. I rant about this a lot. The biggest mistake that most reviewers make in reviewing a beer is what they want the beer to be or comparing it to some “big” beer they have had in the past.

Because of the American craft beer revolution, styles have been skewed more than ever recently. American Wheat Ale is one of those styles that has taken on many forms and changes recently. Some are traditional with a lot of wheat coming through. Others have spices added. While even more have been over hopped to take on characters of a light IPA. The boldest of the group take from each of the preceding, combining to make a very bold wheat beer. It seems that the most outlandish within the style are the favorites.

Solace by Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a light cross bread that has plenty of wheat with touches of fruits/spice. Green apple or grapes are the first while banana comes later in the aroma. This is a light bodies beer that delivers a highly drinkable beer. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8 (25%), Taste: 8 (25%), Look: 8 (15%), Drinkability: 9 (35%), Overall: 8.4

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Firestone Walker Brewing Company Walker’s Reserve (365 Day 248)

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve

The weekend is here. Time for some American craft beer. 2011 was the first year that Firestone Walker Brewing Company distributed to Illinois. A very welcome addition to the American craft beers that already find their way to the shelves in Illinois. It has allowed fans to get some beers that they usually would have to travel or trade to get.

Walker’s Reserve is an American Porter that is nicely complex while displaying all the characteristics that you would expect in a porter. Roasted, chocolate, caramel, and coffee all add to the beer in both the nose and mouth. The alcohol level makes it easy to pour back. On the buy list again. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8 (25%), Taste: 10 (25%),Look: 9 (15%), Drinkability: 9 (35%), Overall: 9.0

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Firestone Walker Brewing Company Abacus (365 Day 179)

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Firestone Walker Abacus

My cousin is always kind enough to be on the look out for American craft beer out of his wonderful brewing state of California. He usually goes to a beer store and immediately calls me, walking up and down each isle looking for something that catches my fancy. I realize how blessed I am to have someone willing to do that for me as I don’t know how readily I would return the favor. 😉

His last visit netted me Abacus by Firestone Walker Brewing Company amongst others. Ever since then he has been asking if I have tried the Abacus. I have always replied no as I usually like to cellar “big” beers and let them age. I broke down and told him I would have it over the three day weekend.

I obviously cannot predict what this beer will taste like in the future but it is fantastic at the moment. Easily one of the best aromas I can associate with an American barleywine. The bourbon barrel aging has given the beer subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and of course bourbon which mesh well with the caramel and toffee malts. Fruits also come out as does heating booziness that you can feel all the way into the pit of your stomach. Highly recommended beer that exceeds the recommendation. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10, Taste: 10, Look: 9, Drinkability: 9, Overall: 9.5

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Firestone Walker Brewing Company Velvet Merlin (365 Day 149)

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin

I have relished my run I have had on American craft beers from California. I have a few more choice beverages in the cellar to review over the next week but I know the fun will be coming to an end. The good news is that I believe I might have a consistent transaction partner so that I may have a consistent supply.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company was once again the spotlight for the evening. This time it was their oatmeal stout Velvet Merlin. This is the last of the four bottles of Firestone Walker beers that I have, so I reviewed Velvet Merlin with a slight bit of remorse.

As soon as I poured the beer, aromas of roasted malt and chocolate hit my hairy nostrils from more than two feet away. Quite impressive. The scents that precipitated from my pint glass were those that are well suited for a quality stout. The aroma made the beer big. The taste came next, once again, big roast and chocolate with an injection of coffee, with dark chocolate bitterness in the finish. Perfect. All this aroma, all this flavor was wrapped in a stout that was only 5.5% ABV and light in the mouth.

Being a home brewer, I am impressed with the ability to get so much yet keep the beer light or lighter than you would expect from such a large beer in the categories. Although, this could make or break the beer for other people. Wonderfully done. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10, Taste: 10, Look: 9, Drinkability: 8, Overall: 9.2

Useless Fact: