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Five Reviews Led By Heavier Handed by Two Brothers

Friday, December 4th, 2009

two brothers heavier handed

It has been a while since Rich and I both had a chance to get together and review some beers. Last night we had the chance to check out five tasty American craft beers that ended around midnight. Some of the beers were repeat, some we didn’t review, as we had a good time shooting the breeze about the direction of the site, where we will head on our next few brewery hops, and what festivals we should try and hit. Good times.

I actually started the evening out about air jordan 4 20 minutes before Rich showed up with Munsterfest by Three Floyds Brewing Company an Oktoberfest. Let me preface this with the fact that I really enjoy FFF beers but this one had a mild metallic flavor that left a bad taste in mouth. The beer was also light in the impression department when it came to Oktoberfest flavor. Sorry to say, but this time FFF you let me down a bit. 5/10

Wipeout IPA by Port Brewing Company was on the docket next. We have had this beer in the past and it is one that I really enjoy and the price is so right ($3.99 this time around for a bomber). I noticed that I originally rated this as an 7, it is really due at least an 8. 7/10

In the middle of the group was Heavier Handed by Two Brothers Brewing Company. Pine, citrus, and floral hop notes are complimented by an earthy, biscuit malt. A really interesting, complex combination that Two Brothers pulls off nicely. 8/10

Alpha Klaus is Christmas seasonal offered by Three Floyds Brewing Company. air jordan 5 This American porter is a super smooth porter that has a great compliment of citrus, orange hops. This is more of what I have come to expect from FFF. Rich liked it even better than I did but I was only one behind. 🙂 8/10

Last beer of night was Heavy Seas Prosit! by Clipper City Brewing Company. A better than average Oktoberfest beer that delivers the full gambit of malty goodness. I thought a little more hops was needed to help balance the large sweetness presence. 7/10

A fun night full of beer reviews and good conversation. Enjoy!

Wednesday American Craft Beer Day

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I know I say this almost every time about Wednesday, but checking out the new American craft beers each week at the beer store is more intoxicating than the beer itself. This week there was an outstanding amount of new American craft beer that the excitement is rightly placed.

free run 5.0 femmes I was under strict instructions from the boss (aka wife) not to purchase beer since I bought 18 bombers on Saturday through my cousin in California). I scrambled and looked in my wallet, by some act unbeknownest to me, I actually had cash.

The lineup:

A couple of the beers are being held off to the side for me by Matt, the beer buyer at the store. He is a great help each week in finding the new items, even the ones not on the shelf. 😉

Several months ago when I was on a Wednesday visit a man ask if I had any suggestions for beer and that he liked hoppy beers. Modus Hoperandi by Ska was what I pointed him to. He was actually back at the store yesterday and asked for my help in getting some beers again. I hope he will be satisfied with the selection and it sort of nice for someone to seek out my opinion on beer. Enjoy!

American Craft Beer Goodness At TNBC

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Stone, Ken Schmidt, Maui Macadamia, Coffee, Coconut Porter

Stone, Ken Schmidt, Maui Macadamia, Coffee, Coconut Porter

My first appearance at the Tuesday Night Beer Club was well worth the wait. Ed, Mark, Shawn, Mace, Mike, and myself were the participants. It was held at Mark’s house but Mike, his brother, was the official host as he doesn’t have the room at his place to hold everyone.

Dinner, as long as it is under $20, is provided by the host any additional costs is shared by the other attendees. Last night we had some good beef sandwiches with macaroni and cheese, and some fried mushrooms from Browns. Never have gone there but I will have to try them in the future.

Beer reviews, consumption, and opening begins with the host deciding on a beer from the 25 or so 12 oz. and 22 oz. bombers that were sitting on the table. free run 6 femmes I didn’t keep track of all the beers we drank, but here goes some thoughts on each that I did.

More important than all the beer was the good time talking to everyone about beer, the Bears, and anything that popped into our heads. I look forward to the next round at my house. Enjoy!