Snow Day – New Belgium Brewing Company

By steve in Beer, Lounge on Thursday, January 12th, 2012

A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with my wife at a local steak house.  The beer selection was not very impressive and of all the choices of beer on tap the Snow Day from New Belgium was the most interesting. I had never had it before, and I always enjoy a chance to try a new beer.  It hit the spot that night and paired perfectly with my steak with crumbled blue cheese on top. 

Beers like this one from “main stream” micro brews are not my usual go to beers very often any more.  With that being said, I think that’s a shame.  Many of the main stream micro breweries make good beer, but they tend to get forgotten as us craft beer drinkers are always hunting down the latest new rare beer.  New Belgium Brewing Company opened in 1991 and I would bet a few bucks that they are a brewery that has started a large number of people down the road to being craft beer drinkers.

So here is a challenge for you.  The next time you are at the store picking up beer, go back to your roots and pick out a beer that you had back in the beginning of your journey down “craft beer road”.  What was your first “Micro Brew”?

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